Dupaws.com The #1 Pet Lovers Network, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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Generic Questions

Question 1: What is Dupaws.com?

Answer: Dupaws.com is an online a platform that connects pet parents with local and nearby pet sitters.

Question 2: Do I need credit card to register and is there a membership fee?

Answer: No credit card needed to book or join, we also do not take any commission on any booking request, we implmeneted a unique membership system where we have an optional Premium accounts (those are users who upgraded their account to Premium, they can be reached without an active membership), however if you decide to book a non-Premium account then you will have to upgrade your account, please note that all types of membership plans (Pet parents or Pet sitters).

Pet Parents Questions

Question 1: Are the pet sitters hired directly by Dupaws?

Answer: We do not hire directly, we connect pet sitters with pet owners, we give total freedom to customers to choose the perfect match for their pets.

Question 2: How many booking requests I can send as a pet parent?

Answer: We encourage pet parents to send requests at least to 3 pet sitters to ensure that they at least find one match that is suitable for them, however the maximum requests you can send is 5 at a given time.

Question 3: What is expected from the pet owner?

Answer: As a responsable pet owner, we expect you to provide the pet sitter with all your pet details, preferred food, preferred vet in case of an emergency, best time to feed, what your pet enjoy, what words they understand etc. In addition if you are booking the sitter for an extended duration (3 or more days), then we require that you schedule a meet and greet session with the sitter. Visit the sitter, check if their apartment condition match your pet needs and let both sitter and pet spend at least full day together to ensure both are perfect match, additionally both the pet parent and pet sitter should exchange backup/alternative contact details in case someone wasn't reachable during the stay.

Question 4: What are the advantages boarding at real homes vs kennels and pet hotels?

Answer: This is really a matter of choice, however most pet owners would prefer to keep their pets at real homes instead of kennels. main reasons for this is that kennels prices can skyrocket during holiday seasons, kennels can easily get overcrowded which could lead to pets getting health problems or stress, in addition in most kennel facilities pets would not get enough affection and attention per day, whereas at home boarding with just 1 or 2 pets you can be sure that your pet is getting the attention he/she needs.

Question 5: Who is responsable for providing food and litter for the pets during the stay?

Answer: This should be on the pet owner as they know the preferred types of food of their cat or dog.

Question 6: Is Dupaws the best choice for everybody?

Answer: While we are here to connect pet parents to the right pet sitters and to ensure pets are spending quality time, there are cases and situations where pet parent should consider alternative methods, pets who have aggressive history towards people or animals, pets that have specific medical conditions or require professional handling are prohibited from being booked on Dupaws, this is to ensure the safety of our sitters, the pets and peace of mind of the pet owner, to read more details about this check our terms and conditions.

Pet Sitters Questions

Question 1: Can I join and become a pet sitter?

Answer: Yes, everyone can, you need to be at least 18 years old.

Question 2: What type of services can a pet sitter offer?

Answer: Currently we have 5 types of services that you can add to your profile as a pet sitter, you can set the price for each service as suitable:

Dog boarding : keeping a dog at your home overnight.

Dog sitting : watching someones else dog at their apartment while they are away.

Cat boarding : same as dog boarding.

Cat sitting : same as dog sitting.

Pickup and delivery : drive pets from owners home to yours and vice versa.

Question 3: Would Dupaws take percentage from pet sitters work?

Answer: No, unlike most of marketplace platforms, we decided to let pet sitters take full payment for their services.

Question 4: Do I need credit card to create a pet sitter account?

Answer: No, you can immediately register and create your profile, once the profile is approved you will be notified and customers will be able to reach you. once the free subscription period expires, we will prompt you to fill in credit card for renewal, its up to you to continue or cancel your account.