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Hi! My name is Gabriela. Growing up my family had a dog, then a cat, then another cat and then another dog (still fine and well today at 14 years of age). I had a cat myself for 2 years until I decided I would go travel for a few months, so the cat went to my sister, where it still is. I decided I could not take the responsibility of a pet anymore, because I cannot commit to the life in Bahrain for long. But I know how hard it is to have to leave your pet behind when you go on vacation, for instance. And pet boarding places are just depressing. So I am willing to help you out, provided your pet is well behaved and is friendly to strangers. I don't have a big place, so I can only take cats and maybe small dogs (one at a time).


The pets need to be friendly with strangers and well trained (using the litter box, no peeing or pooping inside the house, no chewing or scratching shoes/furniture. Cats should have their nails cut.


I had a cat for 2 years and I lived with a friend who has 2 cats for around 6 months. My family has a small dog. I am more experienced with cats though.

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

5 BHD per night

Cat Boarding

4 BHD per night

Dog Sitting

4 BHD per visit

Cat Sitting

2 BHD per visit

Pickup and Delivery

12 BHD per boarding

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