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Karmela M

Hi my name is Karmela, I am Nursing Graduate from Doha. I enjoy being around pets, I used to take care of my own Cats and Dogs but ever since I moved to a new home we had to give them away. I am a active member in my community. I enjoy doing activities such as beach cleaning and volunteering for pet shelters. Benefits for the Safety of your pets: - Owns a First Aid Certificate - I'm a Nurse - Best Dog/Cat walker in the block -Patient Personality I hope these information regarding my life and history with pets is trustworthy enough! Kindest Regards, Karmela


I allow owners to have home cameras on 24/7 for Female pet owners. For male pet owners, I prefer turning off the camera when I enter the home, I make sure to turn it on again when I leave the home. If cat/dog has a condition and requires special care please inform and educate me on their treatment process.


Dogs: I used to have 2 dogs named Sugar and Brownie, they were the sweetest lil pups but I had to give them away due to house rules when I moved. Cats: I used to own 2 cats too named Mochi and Mishmish but we also had to give them away. I currently care for 3 Japanese Coy fishes who are doing great chilling at my fish tank. Pet Sit in Qatar: Cats: I’ve pet sit for 3 cats in Qatar already, I come by around 9am-6pm to feed Breakfast, Snack, and Dinner. I made sure to have litter change, play time, grooming, and daily pets as they like. I also made sure to clean up any cat mess. Dogs: I was asked to sleepover for the dog, I made sure to walk the dog at 5 am,5pm, and 7pm just to get her to have a good sleep. During the afternoon, we played and took time to groom the dog. Once a week I would also bathe the dog.

Offered Services

Dog Sitting

60 QAR per visit

Cat Sitting

45 QAR per visit

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