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Helene G

Hi, My name is Helene, and I am a huge animal lover. I have had pets my entire life. Currently I have a Great Dane back home, and here in Doha, two adopted cats. I live by positive reinforcements, and would never harm your animal. I find that sometimes you are limited to pet sitting services if your pet has not been vaccinated, or simply if you don't like to leave your pet in a cage, and thought I would offer to stay at your house while taking care of your beloved pets and plants. This way your pooch gets more than just one hour of affection, and you get to relax knowing that there is no hassle of a new environment. For a small extra charge, I can train your dog whilst pet sitting.


Only in rare incidences can I take the pet home to me, because my house mate does not like dogs too much and because my one cat cannot be vaccinated.


I have had dogs my entire life, ranging from Chihuahua to Great danes. Furthermore I have had guineapigs, rabbits, cats and a bird

Offered Services

Dog Sitting

150 QAR per visit

Cat Sitting

150 QAR per visit

Pickup and Delivery

60 QAR per boarding

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