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Paulina D

Hi, I’m Paulina from US! I’m currently a housewife due the ongoing worldwide situation. Before this, I had a full time job so I couldn’t bring my babies with me and had to leave them with my mom where I know they are happy, cozy and well looked after. I still always find myself missing them so in my mind sitting for another pet wouldn’t even be classified as job. ♡


We currently live in an apartment so unfortunately it wouldn’t be ideal for larger dogs as they would feel a bit constrained as opposed to being in a villa with grass and space to run about. I love cats as well! Although I’ve never had one before :)


I’ve had several dogs (and two parrots) since I was a kid back home. We had a Harlequin Great Dane and a small Dachshund who both died of old age because of their genetic hip problems. My two Chihuahuas (aged 14 and 17) are still back home with my mom as she can provide constant care and a better environment for them. We’ve always seen and taken care of our pets as members of the family and I think the fact that they all grew to old age in a cozy happy home is a reflection of how much we love them!

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

65 AED per night

Cat Boarding

55 AED per night

Pickup and Delivery

250 AED per boarding

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