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My name is Hanan and am a animal lover since I was really young I love animals and I have a passion for them and I would like to take care of yours. I do have a cat that I rescued and 2 Parrott that were rescued to and I do have experience with dogs as I volunteered in a veterinarian clinic. When I take care of your dog or cats I take care of them as there like my pets If am taking care of your beloved pet I will be sending you pictures and videos of them to insure that your pet is in safe hands and if you have any requirements I would follow them and I would be sending you updates.


Pet sitting requirements: 1. I take only cats 2. Bring there food and stuff(toys, blankets...) 3. I do pet sitting for a few hours for example you can bring your cat in the morning and pick it up at night so the cat will not be sleeping over Dog walking requirements: 1. I will come to look at your dog and build a good relationship with the dog before walking your dog 2. If your area is not a good place or not a safe place to walk your dog please provide a carrier as I need your dog to be safe in the car if I will transport your dog to a safe place for me and your dog to walk Half an hour 25AED One hour 50AED


I have 1 cat, 2 Parrott, I had 6 gold fish,I had 3 turtles, had one hamster Volunteer in a veterinarian clinic I gained experience with dogs

Offered Services

Cat Sitting

35 AED per visit

Dog Walking

50 AED per hour

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