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Eimaan M

I love dogs/cats and most animals alike and they really love me too - I think they sense that we have a lot in common. great with every single one of my friends dogs! used to being around them.. My closest cousins own several cats and I'm used to being around them ever since I was young. - every personality needed a different kind of treatment! I'm quite a homey/family oriented person and I have a huge motherly/caring side that I rarely show. However, I don't really have much of a place to express it, even though I definitely have the time!


1. Please make sure your animal is safely vaccinated, clean and parasite free. otherwise he will be rejected. 2. Violent and/or untrained animals will not be accepted. (If I do not see your animal as fit in regards to previous terms, you can help yourself to some veterinary or third party advice. If there is a visible improvement, you can expect further negotiations at a later date) 3. I will not take any legal or practical responsibility for any harm caused on the behalf of your pet's health or any accident related injuries that have clearly arised before he/she has been handed over to me. 4. I am devoid of all legal responsibility as it is your pet. However I'm sure we won't have any issues. 5. If your pets meet all of these conditions - I also expect the owners to be just as well behaved as their pets. I do NOT tolerate; dishonesty, badmouthing, mockery, rudeness, anger, forcefulness, or any other form harassment; unprofessional behavior will likely result in your termination.


- so this is how it started off.. - always around my friends and they all have animals so I got used to the pets routine including /food times/walk times etc since I'd have to help out if I was staying over or I was around! - and since I've been around all of my friends pets, I'd taken care of them for a little bit whilst they were out... walked them.. etc - helped a friend out with her dog walking job a while back! - boarded my friends cat whilst she was out of town! - and lastly, taken care of my friends puppies for a few days when she was in the hospital! .. we ended up being best friends!

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

200 AED per night

Cat Boarding

200 AED per night

Dog Sitting

200 AED per visit

Cat Sitting

200 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

200 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

200 AED per hour

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