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I’m full time housewife and we are living in studio type here in khalifa city A, We have Furbaby his name is Marco i’m not getting tired to play with him all the time we Love him so much we also providing full vaccine, checkups,food, treats,toys,car riding, playing with kids and other dogs as same his breed. Marco (our dog) is generally friendly, but it’s always good to introduce your dog to ours first beforehand to make sure they get along. We only accept potty-trained dogs as we are unable to do the training during the duration of their stay i also prepare potty tray with pads in one area Nails are quite important as when they play they tend to wrestle with each other, jump around at each other and if your dog has long nails, he or she will scratch others unintentionally, but still will hurt the others. If you walk your dog regularly, the nails will naturally file on their own, but if you don't walk them, they need to be cut before the drop-off :) Also, if your baby is staying for a long time (more than 2 weeks), please send them for grooming a day before the drop-off :) When one dog gets sick, all dogs get sick altogether :( so vaccinations should be up to date, kennel cough vaccination too! Bring also the things of your dog like Treats/food,Toys,municipality’s tag,passport. Message me for more Questions 😃 allowing him to socialize as early age can help him to get along with others easily. If you want to see more pics of him and his friends, he's got an IG account called "Marcolicious" :P I would love if you will let me to take care of your Furbaby he definitely love to stay with us❣️


No ticks and fleas, vaccine needs to be updated, anti tick and fleas updated every 3 months


I had dogs back home yorkshire terrier and princess shitzu, and i also have male maltese here in abu dhabi, we are doing random trainings, playing, giving reward and potty training, walking outside in our compound and make sure the vaccine is monitored + checkup every 3 months, proper hygiene should need to maintain all the times, tear stain need to check. For you to keep the house clean, your furbaby needs to be clean all the time

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

60 AED per night

Dog Sitting

40 AED per visit

Dog Walking

30 AED per hour

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