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Deah J

I’m working with one of biggest fashion brand that loves dog ( if you’re familiar with this american brand)as Store Manager. Since it’s not too busy at this time and working with less hours because of Ramadan. I decided to look with a part time job which I love to do! I’m a both cat and dog lover at birth ! I miss my two Shi Tzu babies (male and female) back home in Philippines. I used to have a pet cat Abu Dhabi but she was stolen from us. I feel sad every time I remember them. I love them so much and consider as part of our family and tried to see them during my off through video calls. I can’t I have pet here since it’s very strict in where I’m living. So I thought of become a paw sitter.


None specific, as long as they are vaccinated with anti-rabies and without serious conditions since I don’t have any experience of taking care of such cases.


I have 2 shi tzu dogs and 1 cat for 5yrs back home. I usually brought them to the vet for their yearly booster and deworming. When I’m home during my holiday , I bath every 2 days and walked them daily in the morning or afternoon. I play with them most of the time and the slept in my bedroom. I fed and always clean their food bowl after. I remember when they were a puppy, I used to give them vitamins. For my cat before, I always make sure to play with her for at few hours daily and bathe twice a week.

Offered Services

Dog Sitting

35 AED per visit

Cat Sitting

35 AED per visit

Dog Walking

30 AED per hour

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