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Uzma K

Hi! My name is Uzma and my heart belongs to animals. I have always owned cats and at one point dogs too. But later in life as I lived mostly in apartments, keeping a dog was a bit difficult. Currently, I have two cats that I brought with me from my home country to Dubai, cos frankly, family sticks together. I sometimes sit for my friends dog which is a toy breed. I would love to take care of people's pets when they are away cos I know when your family is not around, these furry creatures feel completely lost, and they just need someone who can reassure them everything is all right.


cats are good at working out their issues so I have no problems there. But with dogs, my only condition would be that it gets along with cats or rather tolerates them.


Ive owned cats all my life, mostly three to four. Currently, I have two male cats, both neutered. One is a senoor cat, 13 yars olds and the other one is just a baby, 2 years old. Both are in excellent condition. Most of my childhood, I had this sweetest daschund. I often sit for a shih tzu that belongs to my friend.

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

60 AED per night

Cat Boarding

50 AED per night

Dog Sitting

60 AED per visit

Cat Sitting

50 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

150 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

50 AED per hour

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