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Jacques L

To me, a role like this isn't really about the money. Even if I had enough money to retire today, I would still choose to do this with my personal time. I have a deep connection with animals - I always have, since I was a child. I'm not sure where it comes from, but I'm very grateful for it - if I could choose one superpower, this would be it! I have had the immense joy of getting to know 6 dogs and 22 cats throughout my life so far - who not only lived with family and extended family, but were treated as equal family members themselves. Currently, I am the proud servant to the dynamic brother-sister duo Mochi and Pudding, a pair of minuet Persian mixed cats mixes (or at least, we think they are!) who were born during the pandemic, and adopted by us the moment we met them. I genuinely don't know what life would be like without having to lint-roll the pet hair off my clothes each time I leave the house (who can resist that final pat before you walk out the door, though?) - although I'm definitely not complaining! I have been looking after the resident street cats at every office I've worked at over the last 10 years, meaning I'm a self-proclaimed pro at treating wounds, ringworm, and eye infections. The thing that brings me the most joy is; the moment that I've earned their trust and the feral creature turns into the tamed furball. I also had to learn how to take care of a cat with FeLV when our beloved cat, Baguette got diagnosed, this included oral medication daily as well as administering a saline drip the last week of his life. I've dealt with my share of emergencies before and am equipt to handle these situations. Whether your pet wants cuddles, to play, or just wants to eat and chill I will be there to provide just that. It would be my absolute pleasure to help look after your beloved family members while you're away!




6 dogs growing up and +/- 22 cats that I've looked after These include my own, my mom's cats, and the ones on the street at my various offices I have raised around 10 kittens in the last 10 years

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Dog Sitting

60 AED per visit

Cat Sitting

40 AED per visit

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