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Natascha W

I am a 40+ single female who has vast experience with all dogs great +small (Yorkie to Great Danes) I currently run the pet database in my community here in Dubai of 350+ animals and help out with training and supervising at the dog park. Most recently I fostered a Husky puppy Luca who was dumped with separation anxiety and crate phobia and raised donations to get him sent to a charity in the UK and out of the Dubai Summer! I had my Shar Pei 'Fugly' from 9 weeks-13.5 and my Westie 'Kirsty' & Bearded Collie 'Ziggy' for 16 years each. I live in a villa with garden and have a huge dog walking/social track around the perimeter as well. Plus I have roller skates and a bike for the higher energy breeds.




I have had 3 dogs of my own, my last, crossed over the rainbow bridge 18 months ago and lived in 3 countries and did 10 flights. Fur babies are my entire world and get very spoiled with TLC, walking, treats, play, socialisation, training, massage and even sleep with me (with parents permisssion of course)!

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

100 AED per night

Dog Sitting

75 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

25 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

30 AED per hour

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