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I’m really a pet lover. They are so fun and cute. Even when I was a child I’ve always had dogs. A little after we arrived in Dubai, my husband and I adopted a husky (1 and a half year old) here and now she is almost 3 years old. At first she suffered from separation anxiety, but we trained her and it passed. I came to Dubai with my husband and I use my time to study English. So I’d love to spend my time with your dogs and I’ll be kind and loving with them.


Dog boarding: Don't forget to send the food and treats your dog likes. I have many toys, but if your dog has a special toy, send me too. Dog walking: I’ll walk for 1 hour with your dog and if he likes to run, we’ll run together. You need to tell me if he can play other dogs that we meet on the way. As now it’s summer the ground is too hot for your dog’s cute paw, that’s why I prefer to walk until 11 a.m. and after 4 p.m.


The first dog that joined my family was a Schnauzer, after him a boxer, Pinscher and Lhasa apso, Border Collie and mixed breed dog. Beside that I married and came to Dubai and here we have a medium sized husky.

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

80 AED per night

Dog Walking

35 AED per hour

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