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My name is Denise, I'm 28 years old and originally from Austria. I am a dog owner myself for 7 years now and I have been dog sitting ever since. I love dogs of all kinds and I especially have a huge heart for senior dogs, which is why I ended up rescuing already a few, offering them the peaceful years they deserve before they become angels again. My dog-sitting career started when my first dog got sick, nearly died, and suffered from depression. I started dog sitting to get her together with other dogs for playtime. Soon it turned out to be a side hustle I love to do and my dog was happy to be a part of it. Over the past years, I took care of pure breed dogs and mixed ones, small and big ones, puppies, and seniors. I got to know lots of different characters and energy levels and always tried my best to fulfill each of their individual needs. Therefore I have a lot of experience in dog walking, dog-sitting for a day or even for longer when your dog needs a home away from home while you are enjoying your vacation. My goal is to make sure your dog gets treated in the best way and gets the love, affection, rest, and playtime he/she deserves and needs.


Your dog must be able to accept other dogs. If he or she is not playful, needs their personal space, and protects it, that is totally alright and I will make sure, he or she will feel safe and gets the space and rest it needs. The apartment is big enough to provide your dog with its own space away from my dog. Also, my dog is well trained and understands to leave your dog alone, if it does not want to be bothered or anything.


I am a dog owner myself for over seven years now and I have been dog-sitting ever since. After all these years, I had the chance to meet a vast amount of different kinds of characters and energy levels, as well as big and small dogs, puppies, and seniors.

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

80 AED per night

Dog Sitting

70 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

100 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

60 AED per hour

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