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Roula S

I live, love, and breathe pets. I grew around cats & dogs and have always had a feline companion around. Currently I have two neutered vaccinated resident cats. I have a two bedroom apartment, so the cats have a wide space to roam. My cats get along well with other cats, & there’s a wide enough space to separate them in different rooms in case they don’t. I love dogs as well, and have had dogs back home, and I don’t mind hosting small dogs like pugs + I have a large walking safe area near my building and I loveee walking dogs.


For Boarding: Vaccinated Spayed / Neutered For Vists: Vaccination


I’ve been around cats & dogs most of my life. We used to actively rescue cats and dogs back home & we’ve kept quite a few pet rescue cats and several rescue dogs along the years. I’d say 20 years + experience with cats & around 5 years experience with dogs.

Offered Services

Cat Boarding

3 KWD per night

Pickup and Delivery

8 KWD per boarding

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