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Born and raised in a small village home accompanied by ridiculously large gardens, I was surrounded by 12 cats and two dogs for most of my childhood. I unfortunately currently reside in Beirut, which I usually don't find to be a suitable environment for such lovely beings, but my love for cats and dogs can definitely overcompensate for that (I have fostered three cats, one of whom I fostered for a year, for as long as I have resided in Beirut). I have 3 cats and a dog in my hometown, but I am currently motherless in Beirut. I was initially the momma of 4 cats, but my baby of 18 years has recently passed. It has taken me a while to properly manifest my emotions towards animals without heartbreak. I'm back though, with lots of loving to give.


1. I currently reside in Beirut, and I know my dog gets overwhelmed by city noises and crowds, so I would like to preferably pet-sit animals who are well-acquainted with the city. I don't mind if they're not -I have two cats who have undergone trauma before we adopted them so I can accommodate to almost any behavior, but it would be easier for them to adjust to a familiar location. 2. I'm not for over-vaccinating pets, but basic core vaccinations should at least have been provided. Also preferably dewormed and well, no fleas. This is more for their sake than mine. 3. Try texts before phone calls as I am more likely to respond to texts, especially if I am on-call. Try to include what dates you have in mind, duration of their visit, vital information about your pet (allergies, temporary dietary needs and/or restrictions, considerations, illnesses, tactics, preferences) 4. I would have loved to pet-sit bigger dogs, but my house can only accommodate smaller friends.


I have raised more than 15 cats and 3 dogs, fostered 3 cats. I currently have 3 cats and a dog residing in my hometown.

Offered Services

Dog Sitting

20 USD per visit

Cat Sitting

15 USD per visit

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