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Animal, plant lover, and maybe as neurotic as a cat! I love watching them play outside the most. I try keeping them busy and attempt to train even the most stubborn kitties (it never works); I also like to research any beautiful flowers or plants that may be toxic to our pets. I'm no photographer but I have fun taking photos of them from new angles, capturing them being their silly selves.


Please let me know if your cat is aggressive or sensitive in any way. Our cats have different personalities, some more friendly than others, but all accept hugs. I may not have time to get to know your pet at that level but the more information you provide, the better servant I can be to your kitty cat. All of our cats are vaccinated, but they will be in a separate part of the house to ensure your pet is not stressed. Playtime can be arranged with one or two of our super hospitable kitties.


Had cats all my life, and dogs when younger. Our home adopts/rescues only...and mostly stray cats who come by and decide they want to live with us; so I do have experience with getting unfamiliar animals to trust me. We also know that pets need their own space so a good balance of shared and private space is important. We have 11 cats (with plenty of humans to serve them) with extra private space for a guest.

Offered Services

Cat Boarding

50 AED per night

Cat Sitting

50 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

150 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

60 AED per hour

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