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Tohama R

Hello.., my name is Tohama, I have two dogs whom I love them so much.., my love for dogs grew 5 years ago when I had my mini puddle.., I was in love with him, but unfortunately I lost him in a very rare and unexpected circumstances.., but now I am blessed with 2 adorable rescued dogs.., I love cats and currently taking care of 3 kittens at home and I volunteer feeding stray cats in the community I live I care for animals in general, and have been supporting Soi Dog Foundation – for saving dogs from meet trading crises .., I also became a member and follower of PETA organization in fight against animal cruelty.., I care about animal welfare to the level that I replaced most of the products that are being tested on animal.., and I have a good list of companies that test their products on animal – if you wish to know about them 😊 I love spending time with dogs and cats, and I will be available form 1st of November for any cat seating, Dog seating during the days. I look forward to meet you in person and you get to know more about me.., Please reach out if you wish on the contact number listed..,


I can not stay over night I can not take any dog or cat home with me I can only do the pet seating during the day - and dog walking


I am a dog Owner since 2012 and currently I have 2 dogs I started feeding and caring for stray cats since February 2018 Currently involved with cat rescue and fostering sick cats and kittens.. preparing kittens for adoption

Offered Services

Dog Sitting

35 AED per visit

Cat Sitting

30 AED per visit

Dog Walking

40 AED per hour

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