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Anastasia S

Hello! I'm Anastasia from Russia. Since childhood I've wanted to be a veterinarian, as I was always around animals, adored them and wanted to help them. I haven't become a vet (got an economics degree instead) and now I work as a cabin crew, but my love towards animals has never faded away. During my life I was surrounded by different animals. I had cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, fish in different periods of my life and took care of them. I have the biggest experience with dogs and cats. Back in Russia I owned an English Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer and a Mixed Breed dog, as well as a tricolor cat. On quarantine I started to study online courses on pets welfare and behavior and as soon as I'm done with them, I'll upload certificates. Since I moved to Dubai I have got experience in: - Fostering a cat for SNIFF company, modificating the cat's play aggression issue - Dog walking - Pet taxi - Pet boarding I'm punctual, understanding and responsible. I'll be friendly and caring with your animal, fulfilling all its needs and giving 100% of my attention to it. I enjoy any kind of interaction with animals: I enjoy walking them, playing with them, petting them, teaching them, sitting with them, taking care of them.


I do not accept aggressive by nature dogs or pets with medical conditions that need professional care.


I had 3 dogs throughout my life, one of them mixed breed, one English Setter and one German Shorthaired Pointer. The mixed breed dog now lives with my mother back in Russia, and two hunting dogs already passed away. Also, I had a tricolor cat for about 7 years while I lived in Russia. I had rabbits, fish and mice for short periods of my life too.

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

60 AED per night

Cat Boarding

40 AED per night

Dog Sitting

40 AED per visit

Cat Sitting

35 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

100 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

35 AED per hour

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