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Zina A

Hi, I'm Zina, a stay-at-home fosterer and animal lover. I love animals and I especially love dogs of all sizes and breeds. I've been fostering dogs for almost 3 years now from different rescue organizations and help them out from time to time through volunteering. I'm also very passionate about promoting and encouraging adoption of dogs/cats from the wonderful rescue organizations in UAE. I've recently finished fostering my 6th dog, a very friendly and goofy pup named Blaze with special needs(Cooper, the previous pup, has been adopted by an incredible lady who showers him with love). Blaze was with us for about 5 months. He had dwarfism and an extensive rash on his nose, caused by an autoimmune disorder. I helped heal the rash by working with the vet to get him on the proper medication and had to apply a special ointment several times a day. Blaze is now happily adopted, with fur-siblings and a loving family. When it comes to dogs, I've seen and experienced it all. I've crate-trained, potty trained, looked after sick dogs, dogs who had gone through surgery, dogs who needed medication multiple times a day, nervous/anxious dogs, aggressive dogs and dogs in heat. I can now add to this list dogs with autoimmune disorders and disability. I believe in cooking for dogs and altering the diet based on the dog's needs. Whenever my foster dogs are feeling unwell and have digestive issues, I prepare home made food filled with ingredients that are gentle on their stomach and help them get better fast. Like i said, I love animals and I'm willing to go above and beyond for them. I was an active dog walker for the rescue organization K9 Friends' during the winter, where I would take a dog out for a day. I've also taken care of the pets for family and friends while they were out of the country, and even help out the neighbours by including their dogs out on my afternoon walks with Cooper. I found the Ittihad park on the Palm is a perfect place to walk my dogs. It is a dog friendly environment where they are able to socialize and interact with new friends, both 2 and 4 legged, and get the proper daily exercise they need to be happy and healthy. I love playing fetch, throwing the ball around and running with my foster dogs. I also like to take them out to different dog parks from time to time so they're able to get the proper exercise and be able to socialize in a safe environment. Looking forward to meeting you and your furbabies :) Zina A.


When it comes to pet sitting/dog walking, i will make sure to stay well over an hour, spend quality time with you pet, make sure your furbaby gets plenty of exercise and fun and of course love, and i will make sure to clean up after any mess they may have caused.


I've been around animals my whole life, grew up with dogs back home. Dog walking for K9 friends rescue organization. Volunteer at Stray Dog Center on weekends helping to de-tick and walk dogs. Fostering different breeds of dogs from different rescue organizations. walking my fosters twice a day minimum with pee breaks in between Pet sitting/boarding for family/friends (for cats and dogs) I Will keep in touch via whatsapp, and I will send daily updates on your pets, including tons of videos and pictures.

Offered Services

Dog Boarding

150 AED per night

Dog Sitting

75 AED per visit

Pickup and Delivery

150 AED per boarding

Dog Walking

75 AED per hour

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