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Restella G

I'm a person who loves animals and pets. I grow up around different animals and pets like cats, dogs, birds, goats, chicken and roaster, and many more farm animals. I am currently working in a pet shop where I daily interact with pets and pet owners. Even thou I have a full-time job, I am offering pet caring and sitting service because I still have time for pet caring and sitting and this is my favorite hobby, and I have more free time after work. I have my own full room which is enough for moving around, running, playing and climbing spots to get exercised, there is also a big window for bird watching which is the cats' favorite pass time. I used to have a dog here in Kuwait but I have to give him to a friend because at that time I don't have my own space. And also, I used to have a pair of budgies who stayed with me for four years here in Kuwait until they pass away. At the moment I am a pet mother of loving, sweet and friendly three cats where one of them is adopted and the other two are rescued. If you want to have a worry free pet vacation and pet walks for your furry friend contact me for scheduling a meeting. For cats, I offer sitting and boarding, and for dogs I offer walks.


Cats need to have anti flea and tick protection and updated vaccine and rabies shots


All my life since I can remember.

Offered Services

Cat Boarding

4 KWD per night

Pickup and Delivery

10 KWD per boarding

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